Things I Like


  • Brooks Running, especially the Pure Project. My first pair of running shows back in December of 2012 was the Adrenaline GTS12. I burned through 3 pairs of those (GTS12′s) then after losing 20′ish lbs switched to the Ghost5 which was an amazing switch. I felt like I was running on marsh mellows when I took them out for my longest training runs in the mountains, truly delicious. The Brooks PureProject was getting my attention online for months but I didn’t trust myself with them since I was so fat! At 225lb even down to 195, I needed extra support and was afraid I would hurt myself with more natural style kicks. My friends at my favorite running store A Running Start cautioned against jumping into the PureProject. But against better advice I bought my first pair of PureCadence. OMG!!  I felt fast and light, of course my calves reminded me that this was a new idea for them. And guess what, the mild plantar fasciitis disappeared in a month. Before I forget, I raced 5k’s and still do speed work in the PureConnect, yup those are my speedsters. I ran my first marathon in the Red PureCadence and felt great, however there is something about my red pair that makes me feel slow, Red Means STOP, “Stop dogs stop”! So a few weeks after the marathon I bought my first pair of PureFlow2‘s, OMG again! These beauties are like the Ghost5 except much lighter and sweeter. I’m in love. And Running Happy!  Now I can’t wait to dry the spank’n new PureDrift and the re-designed PureGrit.
  • Hammer Nutrition. I suck at eating a well balanced diet, therefor I Hammer, a lot! It’s true. My daily regime includes Perpetuem, Enduralytes,   Recoverite, Hammer bars,  Whey Protein, Race Caps Supreme, Premium Insurance caps, Mito caps, REM caps, and then as needed Recovery Bars, Tissue Rejuvenator, Singlet, Gel. That should about cover it. I’m all in baby. Hammer time!
  • Feetures I have tried no other socks, why would I? Because seriously these rock my socks off. I started out with the Feetures! Elite Ultra Light Low Cut. Maybe I’ll try the light cushion this year. Have I mentioned I have all toe nails in tact and have never had a blister or bloody toe nail all year, even after 3 Half Marathons, the Philly Marathon, and as of Jan 13, 2013,  1,754 miles in those socks. I would be foolish to use anything else.
  • RunKeeper, for those days my Garmin isn’t charged, PLUS it’s so much fun to have a virtual running team. Join my street team!
  • Training Peaks,  The heavy lifting happens here. All my workouts get pushed to Training Peaks and from there I can see my progress, setbacks, and can predict if I am training just right, too much, or not enough. My coach has access to my information and lets me know when to mostly back off and rest! I tend to overdo it. All. The. Time.  My coach keeps me running within myself, This is where my confidence comes from. Have I mentioned my coach? Dan Kane rocks, he kept me from running myself off the training cliff, and practices what he preaches.
  • Garmin GPS Watch 610

Tech Toys

  • Nikon D90
  • Geesh this list is short
  • , Hundreds and hundreds of blogs. Way to many to read. This is for the blogs that actually look pretty. You know how googleReader strips out all the text and doesn’t let you see the blog as it was created without clicking over to it. Well this is different.



  • Restoration Hardware. These guys are evil, I spend way too much money there. But my office will be cool!
  • Apple  Everything from iPhone, to MacBook, iPad, and 27″ iMac. And you thought computers where about function!?
  • Oiselle Ok Ok… They don’t make guy clothes. But they should.


  • My Family: Wife Marlena, Kids: Brielle Rebecca (9), Soren Tate (7), Tal Jamal (6), Ari Hart (due Feb7, 2013)
  • Fontaine, Broke records even though one leg was shorter than the other.
  • Bart Yasso, Nicest guy on earth
  • Ryan Hall, Bold, dangerous, and runs like the wind
  • Steve Jobs, Crazy, Changed the world
  • Amy Hastings, Doesn’t give up even after setbacks
  • Desire Davila, Above the surface she graceful as a swan, beneath the waterline the heart of a tiger/Chetah/warrior
  • Me. I like me a lot. C’mon peoples, admit it, you like yourself a lot. If you don’t, you should. I have a great work ethic.