This site HAD BEEN Tigrates.com  and changed to DissolveLimits in June of 2014.

DissolveLimits is a philosophy of growth. I believe that growth is something that happens and we really can’t force growth we can only create an environment to allow growth to happen organically, literally. We know that an oak tree cannot be forced to grow and all we can do is plant it on the right place and give it the nutrition it needs to do well. A similar thing happens with our bodies, business, family, friendships, and yup you got it, that too!

We can create environments for growth to happen, find out what is limiting us and remove those limitations by dissolving them with intent and purpose.

A pig is a pig is a pig.

That about sums it up!

DSC_0183I am Paul Stoltzfus

Training for the 1:59:– Marathon.
When not running I enjoy artisan food, craft beverages (a.k.a. Scotch and gf beer), and inspiring architecture ! I hate cheap (disposable)


Learn more about my personal vision and ventures at paulstoltzfus.com.

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Gandhi

Disclosures & Relationships
  • I am the owner of WiseGrass a registered trademark of Lancaster County Lawns, LLC providing residential lawn care in Lancaster County, PA
  • I am an affiliate for Amazon and link to products from there. I maintain an aStore at Amazon with books I recommend.
  • I am a world class marathoner and  creating an environment with intent and purpose to dissolve my own limits and reach the goal of running a 1:59:– marathon. I can see it clearly in my mind’s eye.

If your dreams don’t scare the shit out of you, they are child’s play. And there is something to be said for child’s play.

It is true.