Saturday Long Run

Saturday Long Run

This morning I started taking pics of my race rituals for my long run and of course tweeted them real time. After a while I had a ton of pics and thought, “I could totes do a blog post with this stuff! Plus I had never done a post strait from my iPhone.

So here goes!

It all started with a pizza party last night. Cheese for Momma and the WildChildz and gluten free for Daddy. I made the mistake of drinking two FuLL 16 oz. glasses of chocolate milk before hitting the sack after watching the hilarious “Perfect Pitch” and the cliff hanger where a combative family gets stranded on Bear Island. (Sorry I’m rambling…)

Prepping Hammer Perpetuem in two 20oz bottles.

2 Hammer Fizz tablets, and 1 tablespoon of chia seeds per bottle. Then I toss in 4 cubes of ice for kicks.20130112-155837.jpg

Recoverite for, you guessed it! Recovery when finished.

Have I mentioned Chia seeds? They rock so much that we buy them by the 25lb sack.20130112-160100.jpg

Oops… Forgot the hr monitor strap. Getting it just right!20130112-160221.jpg

Serious business.20130112-160330.jpg

Spi belt, for my iPhone – Cant forget my life line.

Strapping on the bombs – nutrition that is

RoadID. Today we’ll go with orange!20130112-160634.jpg

Yes, Mace! I’m a scared little boy when it comes to attacking dogs. It’s true.20130112-160725.jpg

Select our route. Doesn’t the route look like a lion? Rooooooar!20130112-160828.jpg

Oops, almost forgot the IT Band strap. My life saver these days.20130112-160923.jpg

Here we go!!! 20130112-161022.jpg

Foggy, pretty, and comfy day for Running! I take our pretty countryside for granted most days.


Sharing the Road with Buggies!


I forgot this mill and rapids even existed! Took time to smell the water…20130112-161257.jpg

The Sledding cliff that I played on as a kid and take our WildChildz to — when it SNOWS!20130112-161310.jpg

It’s just an other day in the country for a long run!20130112-161319.jpg

And Back again, Jiggitty Jig!

According to Runkeeper 13.15 miles in 2:20:47 .  My biggest challenge was to keep the pace slooooooow. It’s the time of year to build base and get those mito whatever they’re called building and capillary factory time!


How far did YOU run today!?


  1. Love your preparation…you wouldn’t think so much goes into getting ready for a run but it really does take some preparation. I ran 11.5 miles on a really rough trail and it was great albeit a little cold.

  2. Sometimes I think I should write a checklist out of all the prep that goes into a long run.. but then I think I’m being too Type A and maybe forgetting the real reason of the run – to de-stress! LOL But I get stressed if I’m missing something! ;-) Looks like a really pretty route there (minus the horse dung, of course).

    • I do have a checklist! It’s the same checklist I use for the marathon, the long run is training for race day. And my spreadsheet for vitamins, nutrition, and meals. Yeah, it sure takes the stress out of things. There’s on old German Proverb “Well planned is half the work done” I agree! I only run one marathon per year and every details has to be worked out ahead of time, down to my wake up routine and taking my last water 90 minutes before start, and getting in the potty line 30 minutes before start. It’s true! Maybe I’ll blog more about that.