Philly Marathon Recap

Philly Marathon Recap

A year ago I hadn’t even started running. It’s true. December 8th 2011 was my first logged work out using Runkeeper on the iPhone. I began with walking and somehow transitioned to running then ran my first race on March 31, 2012; the Gardenspot Half Marathon. A few days later I stayed up ’till midnight and signed up for the Philly marathon!

It’s true.

Birthday party and Carb Loading

I was trying to write and record this recap for a few weeks now but I was so emotionally and physically drained that I had no desire to recap on all that pain!

So here goes! The video is long and rambling, but entertaining if you’re into this kinda thing!

Philly Marathon Race Recap (video 38:52)


  1. Hi Paul! Nice to meet you on here on the video and see you in person. You have the right idea for pre-race dinner! Steak and potato, that’s my style!
    Also, awesome your family could come cheer for you. Be sure to tell your son, his singing sign was the BEST. “Paul is the WINNER!” You are a very important person to him :)

    • I told Soren about your comment. He’s too busy playing Wii LegoStarWars to care right now!! And thanks for your comment :)