Potter County Mountain Run

Potter County Mountain Run

Last night I went for a little run after we got to the cabin here in Potter County. It was terrible! I had eaten french fries and way too much soda on the drive to the cabin so my belly was in turmoil for the first 30 minutes of the run.

This morning was much better! There was that annoying ankle circulation crinkle at mile 3 and the deer who darted across the road and scared the electrolytes out of me… And the bears took the morning off. The BEST part by far was Marlena and Brielle cruising out on the 4 wheeler with bottle of water and the best pacer on the East coast. Thanks TJ!


Stop to smell the wheat fields

Mountain Run!

Support Team


Together, we can do it!

We DID it!

Check out the Runkeeper stats for these splits and elevation!

…and a smooth cruise back into camp!

The best thing to get you ready for running. Is running.

It’s True.

There’s a ton of freedom in Hard Work. Happy July4th ya’ll !!!