a Black eye would have Been Better

a Black eye would have Been Better
Inspiration at the Back Page

Inspiration: ScrewDriver & NO salt, GF unsalted corn Tortilla's

It was raining on Thursday afternoon.

And I took a few papers and a pen with me to the Back Page. I met an older gentleman who was old enough to be my Dad. He is a Native American and grew up in the area, first running his own business and then working as a engineer for an electrical company close to Honey Brook for the last two decades. He drew schematics for printing presses – whatever that is. Anyway as a teenager he stole cars from the Manheim Auto Auction and didn’t get caught ’till he and his cronies crossed state lines. Then the FBI got involved – and he earned more then a Black Eye. “I know first hand what Barnes hall looked like back than.” Oh!

Black Eye

He asked me what I was doodling, “It’s YOU, sir.”

Then he looked at it for awhile and commented, “How did you know I have a glass eye?”
“And in the Title, just capitalize the ‘B’s”. So it is.