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Jesus at Sight & Sound

Happy vs Kind


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Alone On Thanksgiving?

Sometimes it is worse to feel alone with our Family on Thanksgiving then being alone alone. …and some ideas on how to deal with this!  

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Rehoboth Beach, 2014

The marathon is an (edited for less clarity). It’s true. So… Saturday WAS my day. I executed the 18+ week training planning exactly as written by my coach, completed bi-weekly core and strength training workouts at the gym, lost weight and built muscle to get down to a lean 8.5% body fat (I still don’t know […]

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God’s Country Marathon


Following is the email I sent to my running coach and strength trainer post-marathon: re: God’s Country Marathon I finished. What a race, wow. First half finished in 1:46:– with a previous PR of 1:51:– so that was epic. I knew my heart rate was about 7 bpm higher than it should be (which is […]

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Boston 2014

Cousin Mark Stoltzfus ran the 2014 Boston marathon and captured the following photos and video. He asked me to compile the photos and provided the music you will hear in the background.  Great job Mark!

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State of the Union 2014

State of Union Paul

I spent the better half of this week on jury duty and learned a lot about our justice system, about what works and what doesn’t! This is my third year running and each year builds up to a fall or winter marathon. In 2012 I ran the Philly Marathon then just a few months ago […]

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Rehoboth Beach Marathon


A decent PR : 3:53:55   Last Marathon was Philly on November 18th, 2012. I had trained with the Hanson Method and hit most training paces for a 3:30:– finish. Oh well so it goes. One tiny step forward. Link to Facebook pics of the Rehoboth Beach Marathon and Half  Tag all your friends in the Race! Rehoboth […]

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Race Against Racism


This was Ari’s first race – outside of the belly! Paul’s 5K PR 24:01 2013 Race Against Racism Results Here.

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